6 day tour


Day 1: Almaty city tour  

Day 2: visit of Huns Ethnic village

11:00 Arrival at the village, greeting guests with traditional custom “Shashu”
by throwing the candies to the guests
11:10 Cooking master class, preparing traditional puffy bread “Bauyrsak”, t
reating guests with hot tea and fermented horse milk-traditional beverage
11:30 Guide’s telling about the Nomads’ lifestyle, traditional house – yurta
and showing of a custom of baby laying in a cradle – “Besike Salu” 
12:05 Horse show «Dzhigitovka» – acrobatic tricks on horses, flesh mob
of a Kazakh traditional dance “Kara Zhorga”, horseback riding
13:00 Lunch time
14:00 Archery master class
14:20 Leisure time
14:30 Horseback riding lessons
15:40 Snack break
16:00 National games (Bestas – 5 stones, lyange, assyk atu)
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Bonfire, Master class on playing on a traditional instrument
20:30 Leisure time
21:00 Disco

Day 3 (Huns ethnic village)

09:00 -11:00 Breakfast
11:00-12:00 Horse trek to apple gardens
12:00-13:00 Picnic at apple gardens
13:00-14:00 National games (Bestas – 5 stones, lyange, assyk atu)
14:00-15:00 Leisure time
15:00-15:30 Guests will be greeting by a Caravan consisting of 2
camels and 4 horses
15:30-16:00 *Assembly of traditional house yurta + snack break (bauyrsak, tea, fermented horse milk)
16:00-16:45 Toi-celebration – Kok-par competition game,
atpen audyraspak game, tenge alu, zhamby atu
national games
16:45-17:10 «Tomiris dance» performance
17:10-18:00 «Zhamby atu» shoot bow performance
18:00-19:30 Cooking master class
19:30-21:00 Dinner
21:00 Intellectual games

Day 4 (Charyn Grand Canyons)

07:00-08:00 Breakfast
08:30-11:30 Excursion to Charym river valley
11:00-:12:00 Arrival to the first object «Kurtogai», walking to Canyons
12:00-13:00 Second object «Lunar valley»
13:00-13:30 Third object «Stone shelf»
13:30-15:30 Lunch (lunch boxes)
15:00-16:30 Fourth object «Grand canyon»
16:30-17:00 Fifth object «Castle valley»
17:00-21:00 Departure to the city
21:00      Arrival to Almaty

Day 5 (Turgen)

08:30 Meeting with a guide
09:00 Way to Turgen falls
11:30 Trek to «Medvezhiy-Bear» water fall
12:30 Way to Trout farm
13:00 Phishing and cooking of the fish
18:30 Arrival to the city

Costs include:
Taxi regime: Transportation and ecological fees at the National park
Russian speaking guide: excursion program in Russian, transportation, entrance fee, water bottle and lunch at trout farm
Englishspeaking guide: excursion program in English, transportation, entrance fee, water bottle and lunch at trout farm

Costs does not include: other expenses
Must have: comfortable cloths, foot-wear, cap

Day 6 (Turkestan)

Meeting at the airport/railway station
Breakfast (not included in the cost)
9:00 Departure to Otrar city
10:20 Excursion at Otrar
12:00 Excursion at “Arystan Bab” mausoleum
12:40 Departure to Turkestan city
13:50 Arrival to Turkestan
14:00 Lunch (not included in the cost)
15:00 Preparation for excursion
15:15 Excursion at “Khozha Akhmet Yassaui” mausoleum
18:00 Leisure time and walk to Keruen Sarai
19:00 Dinner (not included in the cost)
20:00 Fountain show
21:30 Arrival at the hotel

Day 7 (Turkestan )

8:00 Wake up
8:30 Breakfast at the hotel
9:30 Departure to Sauran city
10:30 Arrival
10:35 Start of the excursion
11:45 Way to Turkestan
13:00 Lunch (not included in the cost)
14:30 Excursion to “Uly-Dala” museum
15:30 Walking at “Karavan Sarai”
15:30       Visiting of a flying theatre “Golden Samruk” (entrance fee 6500 KZT does not include in the cost)
16:00 Water channel tour on a boat (entrance fee 4500 KZT does not include in the cost)
16:40 End of the tour
Accompanying service at departure to the railway station/airport Departure to Almaty

Cost includes:

1. All the transfers while the tourcomfortable bus

2. Accommodation at Hampton by Hilton Turkistan hotel, double room

3. Entrance fees

4. Professional English speaking tour guide

 Cost per person (in KZT)Total cost (in KZT)
Day 1Almaty city tour   
Day 2 Huns ethnic village82.000484.000
Day 3 – Huns  85.000550.000
Day 4Charyn Grand Canyons (87057782810)23.000/32.000506.000/702.000
Day 5 Turgan falls (87057782810)23.000506.000
Day 6-7 –Turkestan city  55.0001.210.000