Program “Toi Karavan”

Programs timing:

15:00-15:10 Meeting of guests with warriors in Saka robes and the “Shashu” ceremony.
15:10-15:30 Guests will be greeted by a Caravan consisting of 2 camels and 4 horses
15:30-16:00 *Assembly of traditional house yurt + snack break (bauyrsak, tea, fermented horse milk)
16:00-16:30 Toi-celebration – Kok-par competition game, atpen audyraspak game, tenge alu, zhamby atu national games
16:30-16:45 «Tomiris dance» performance
16:45-17:10 «Zhamby atu» shoot bow performance
17:10-18:00 Dinner (Pilaf, salad, bread basket, potatoes, fruits, sweets, stewed vegetables, soup, meat served separately).
18:00 End of the program. Departure to the city