Program «Qazaqauyl Program»

This program is loved not only by our foreign guests, but also local guests sometimes make requests to conduct “Kazakh Aul” in order to familiarize their children with the culture and life of the Kazakh nomadic people.

The “Kazakh Aul” program clearly shows foreign guests what traditions and customs exist among the Kazakhs, and how practical and thoughtful the household items of nomads and their mobile yurt houses were.

Programs timing:

11:00 Arrival at the village, greeting guests with traditional custom “Shashu” by throwing the candies to the guests
11:10 Cooking master class, preparing traditional puffy bread “Bauyrsak”, treating guests with hot tea and fermented horse milk-traditional beverage
11:30 Guide’s telling about the Nomads’ lifestyle, traditional house – yurta and showing of a custom of baby laying in a cradle – “Besike Salu”
11:30 -12:05 Horse show «Dzhigitovka» – acrobatic tricks on horses, flesh mob of a Kazakh traditional dance “Kara Zhorga”, horseback riding
12:05 -13:00 Lunch time
13:00 -14:00 Archery master class
14:00 -14:20 Leisure time