Issyk Lake and Turgen waterfalls

Tour description

Located in 90 kilometers from Almaty city. Attraction of this route is that, firstly a small area passes along section of the Great Silk Road, and secondly, the route lies through the very heart of the history of our ancestors, hidden in the Issyk mounds.These unique monuments of ancient civilization are still keeping many undisclosed secrets, and that is why they are especially interesting. Issyk burial ground consists of 45 large mounds, stretching from north to south for 3 kilometers. In 1969, ancient Saki mound Issyk was discovered here. Remains of Saki’s king in clothes made of pure gold were found under this mound in a grave besieged with fir logs. Nowadays, a small monument has been erected at the site where the “Golden Man” was found. Turgen waterfalls one of the most visited touristic places in Almaty oblast. It is located in a beautiful George of Ile-Alatau National park. There are 7 waterfalls in Turgen George. The most visited are: the first one is “Medvezhiy” (Bear) waterfall and the second one is “Kairakskiy” waterfall. The first waterfall is located in a picturesque place among the overhanging rocks turns 30 meters high.  The rocks in the tract were broken by an earthquake and contain imprints of plants from the pre-glacial period. 300 meters above the bridge from which you usually go to the “Bear” waterfall, there is a “source of beauty”, a spring with tasty and cold spring water.Excursion to Turgen waterfalls is more eventful due to visits of the Ostrich Farm and Trout Farm along the way.

Tour program

Distance by car: 150 km

Duration: 8-9 hours

Trekkimg: 5 km

08:30 Meeting and introduction with a guide    
09:00 Departure to Turgen waterfalls
11:30 -12:30 Trekking to “Medvezhiy” (Bear) waterfall
12:30 -13:00 Departure to trout farm
13:00 -15:30 Excursion to trout farm, lunch in café  
15:30 -18:30 Return to Almaty with stopping in the ostrich farm
18:30 Arrival to Almaty


Costs for Turgen waterfall visiting program
Individual tour
Taxi regimeRussian speaking guideEnglish speaking guide
Quantity of people in a groupCost per person in KZTQuantity of people in a groupCost per person in KZTQuantity of people in a groupCost per person in KZT
185 000195 0001125 000
246 000256 000270 000
331 000341 000350 000
423 000435 000440 000
5-720 0005-732 0005-735 000
8-1013 0008-1025 0008-1030 000
11-1610 00011-1622 50011-1626 000
17-208 50017-2020 00017-2025 000
21-257 00021-2518 50021-2520 500
26-306 00026-3017 00026-3019 000

The cost includes:

Taxi regime
: Transportation and ecological fee to a National park
Russian speaking guide:
excursion program in Russian, transportation, entrance fee, 1 liter of water bottle and lunch at trout farm’s café
Englishspeaking guide:
excursion program in English, transportation, entrance fee, 1 liter water bottle and lunch trout farm’s café
Costs does not include: other expenses
Must have:
comfortable cloths, foot-wear, cap